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Charlotte 2:30 PM

I just completed the draft press release task. Please have a read through it and left me know if there’s any feedback.

Michael 2:31 PM

It’s not long left until our product launch, but there are still a few tasks remaining. Let’s focus on the most important tasks and launch this product!

Jane 2:33 PM

@michael looking forward to banding together and getting this out the door!


Real-time communication with your team

Bring team conversations together into one secure place. Simplify the chaos with our simple open and private group chats or direct messaging, allowing everyone to keep in contact.

Instant Messaging

Send and receive messages with your work colleagues in an instant from any device. No spam, no clutter, just clarity and speed.

Audio Notes

In a rush and no time to type? With Crugo you can send audio notes to your team members. It's the faster way of explaining ideas.

Video & Audio Calls

Video call your team members directly from your chats. Organise one-on-one conferences for your remote workers and clients.

File Sharing

Your team’s files shared & saved in one place

Easily send, receive and save large files on Crugo without the need to compress or share links to other places. From documents and photos to videos, we handle them all. Simply drag and drop documents where you want and use the file directories to organise them. It couldn’t be easier.

Team Sharing

Choose to share files privately or within a team group, instantly.

Large File Sizes

Send and receive large files easily and securely without having to compress them.

Plenty of Storage

Sort, organise and save any file or document with Crugo’s large, flexible storage facility.

File Versioning

Keep track of all your file versions, so you can revert back whenever you need.


Connect with over 750 integrations to the apps you love and can’t live without.


Keep your team more organised

Spend less time planning and more time doing. Shared calendars allow your team to always know what's going on and easily identify schedule conflicts before they happen. Quickly view full event details, including meeting addresses.

Repeat Events

Schedule one-off events and repeating events that occur each day, week, month, or year.


Send reminders for events to keep the team on-time and updated with schedule changes.

Shared Calendars

Add participants and share calendars allowing everyone involved to view the schedule.

Task Management

Manage projects from start to finish

Keep on top of your workload and break down projects into bitesize pieces which are easy to plan and complete. Track progress through stages and monitor individual contributions to each project.

Assign Tasks

Work together as a team and delegate specific responsibilities and tasks.

Set Due Dates

Set priorities and deadlines to ensure items are completed on time.

Monitor Progress

See exactly where you are and how each task has progressed through the activity log.

Attach Files

Include key details by adding descriptions, comments and files to individual tasks.

Cross Platform

Take Crugo with you on your devices

Never miss a thing. Crugo is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web meaning you can get work done from wherever you are and pick up where you left off.

iOS App

Install Crugo on your iPhone or iPad. Available for devices running iOS 10 or later.


Android App

Install Crugo on your Android phone or tablet. Compatible with Android 4.4 and up.


Mac App

Download Crugo for your Mac. Available for devices running macOS 10.12 or later.


Windows App

Download Crugo for your Windows PC. Compatible with Windows 7 and up.