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Simplify your team’s communication

Create structure while reinforcing communication across your team, increasing their productivity and lifting team spirit.


Charlotte 2:30 PM

I just completed the draft press release task. Please have a read through it and left me know if there’s any feedback.

Michael 2:31 PM

It’s not long left until our product launch, but there are still a few tasks remaining. Let’s focus on the most important tasks and launch this product!

Jane 2:33 PM

@michael looking forward to banding together and getting this out the door!


Real-time communication with your team

Bring team conversations together into one secure place. Simplify the chaos with our simple open and private group chats or direct messaging, allowing everyone to keep in contact.

Instant Messaging

Send and receive messages with your work colleagues in an instant from any device. No spam, no clutter, just clarity and speed.

Audio Notes

In a rush and no time to type? With Crugo you can send audio notes to your team members. It's the faster way of explaining ideas.

Group Chats

Open group chats allow teams to quickly get information and ask general questions. For more sensitive topics, private groups keep the conversation contained.

Video & Audio Calls

A faster, more personal and easier way to connect

Catch up with a free face-to-face video call, making it easier to stay in touch and on top of projects, no matter where you are.

Video Calls

Have a face-to-face catch-up with a teammate or guest user at the click of a button.

Audio Calls

Having a bad hair day and need to catch up with your colleagues? Ditch the video and go for an audio-only call.

Cross Device

Stay connected with your team and jump onto an audio or video call on any of your devices.


Teams already working
better together with Crugo

"Crugo allows our remote team to collaborate quickly and easily from various locations around the world, making life much easier."

Andy Bailey Octopus Blue

"Crugo is an excellent tool for busy people, it continually helps me and the team organise our time effectively!"

Nikita Brienza Shadowplay Media

"Crugo has helped us organise our workplace and kept our team connected whether they work in our head office or in a different country."

Claudia Bonny Fundación Canaria Farrah

Cross Platform

Take Crugo with you on your devices

Never miss a thing. Crugo is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web meaning you can get work done from wherever you are and pick up where you left off.

iOS App

Install Crugo on your iPhone or iPad. Available for devices running iOS 10 or later.


Android App

Install Crugo on your Android phone or tablet. Compatible with Android 4.4 and up.


Mac App

Download Crugo for your Mac. Available for devices running macOS 10.12 or later.


Windows App

Download Crugo for your Windows PC. Compatible with Windows 7 and up.


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