What do we know about the latest security breaches and cyber attacks? Well, to be honest, not a lot! To be vigilant tech users have been advised to “avoid clicking on links or opening emails from unknown services.” For business owners and employees, this is extremely worrying, most people use email to communicate, and one… Read more »

Communication is one of the most important factors for success in the sporting world, without communication, teams, management, players and coaches break down. Communication in sport does not have to be verbal, it can also be visual. Crugo makes things easier by keeping every member of your team on track with tasks, time and deadlines…. Read more »

The ability to communicate instantly is one of the intrinsic benefits and drivers to success within the workplace. Instant communication enables co-workers to exchange information instantly, the term “real-time” essentially means “live”. Real time communication within small or large businesses has enhanced business productivity by providing higher mobility to quicker decisions. It is not just… Read more »

Everything on Crugo is instant. Why wait for that email response; just jump into a group chat and everyone will be updated right away. There are two ways you can message someone, direct message or within a group. Here’s a short video, where you will see how simple it is to communicate with your team… Read more »

Task lists are an important tool for any business, a business cannot run efficiently without them. We want to reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed with your workload and ensure you have the tools to work efficiently and effectively. Crugo gives you the flexibility to create tasks, keep track of your assigned tasks, your personal… Read more »