Feeling overwhelmed? 😰


Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work? Is it affecting your personal life and consuming too much of your time? It can be hard to focus on the tasks at hand and near impossible to find a chance to think. Here are few things that could increase your productivity and help you steer clear… Read more »

Plain old text can be a little dull at times and sometimes when sending messages you may need to format messages and bring them to life. Whether you’re looking to jazz your text up or you may just need to put something in bold. You can directly format your messages in Crugo. Below the text… Read more »

Tackle your task lists with Crugo


Do you need to tackle your task lists? You’re completely overwhelmed with tasks, and they are coming from every direction. Some are small, and some are pretty significant. Some are urgent and others not due for another month. Some aren’t even for you and need to be passed on to work colleagues. How can you… Read more »

Project management is the motor that keeps your work flow and projects moving on their way to completion. It can be a very testing process, however, it can be less stressful with specific tools. Team collaboration is shifting and shaping in very different ways; whether your work colleagues are located in different time zones or… Read more »

Companies use 16 SaaS apps on average today, up 33% from last year. 73% of organizations say nearly all (80%+) of their apps will be SaaS by 2020. Internal communication SaaS tools are on the rise and businesses are switching to business applications. What are the pros to using business solutions? And why are companies… Read more »

How to search like a pro on Crugo


Crugo’s Global Search takes into account how busy your working lives can be. We have made it very simple to search through people, groups, files and messages. So whether you use Crugo on your mobile, web or Mac app, you will find a search bar situated in the top right-hand corner of your navigation bar. OK… Read more »

Crugo is perfect for streamlining your direct conversations and group threads, but we’ve made it much more efficient. If you’re in a group chat and you want to get a colleagues attention within the group directly, just put an @ before their name or names. It will auto suggest names, so you will never have… Read more »

Cyber crime is now becoming the “norm”. It’s affecting and changing the way we do business and the way consumers are behaving online. Cyber Crime Costs Projected To Reach $2 Trillion by 2019″ it’s becoming an epidemic and a costly one. Today hackers move fast, and their attacks escalate and affect more than just one… Read more »

Construction has to be one of the most ‘collaboration-intensive’ industries in the UK, there is a constant requirement for exchanging significant volumes of data internally and with a myriad of external project partners; architects, civil, mechanical and structural engineers, planning consultants and project managers. How are you sending this information and sensitive data? Have you… Read more »

As any UK content creator knows, there is a constant requirement for exchanging significant volumes of data internally and with clients whether showreels, scripts, storyboards or fully produced ready for broadcast shows. Not sure if this has crossed your Radar as yet, but there is a new regulation coming into effect in 2018 which could… Read more »

Meeting / Schmeetings


Excuse me for plagiarism but let me share some frightening research I spotted recently (www.themuse.com) on the time organisations are spending on internal meetings. 15% of company time is dedicated to internal meetings, equating to a massive 6 hours per week! And for the key business leaders, it’s worse than this; 35% for middle management… Read more »