What is unseen activity via my emails?Β  Ever had one of those working days that you don’t have a minute to yourself, and you have so much work that you need to catch up with? We feel you! And for that reason, we built a useful feature that will help you stay on top of… Read more »

What statistics do you need to start measuring your teams productivity? It’s not the easiest thing to measure. Do you start with tasks completed, x amount sales or hours worked? It’s not that black-and-white, it’s not that straightforward, and methods have got to vary depending on the industry. Not to worry, when we built Crugo… Read more »

Archive your clutter on Crugo


Do you archive your clutter? You have lots of tasks on your list, but you don’t want to delete them all together, but also you don’t want them cluttering up your working day. Crugo’s group task lists allow you to archive your previous completed tasks, so you’re essentially removing the clutter, but you also have… Read more »

Paper Planners Vs Digital Calendars


Are you a digital planner that uses a calendar on your mobile device or do you prefer paper? The problem with paper calendars is you can lose them; you can’t share them instantly with work colleagues, and you can’t amend them as quickly as a digital one. With Crugo’s digital group calendars, you can keep… Read more »

What time zones? What office?


It’s 2017, and fewer people are working in offices, time zones are becoming less of a barrier between work colleagues, and digital nomads and remote workers have arrived. Didn’t they arrive a while back? They have always been lurking around, but they are now in full swing throwing their weight around and showing us the… Read more »

Video calling, chatting, streaming whatever you call it, it has changed our lives, and in my opinion for the better. I work remotely and communicate via Crugo, and when we group up for a meeting, I call in via video. It makes it more personal, productive and removes any misunderstandings that may occur in a… Read more »

Feeling overwhelmed? 😰


Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work? Is it affecting your personal life and consuming too much of your time? It can be hard to focus on the tasks at hand and near impossible to find a chance to think. Here are few things that could increase your productivity and help you steer clear… Read more »

Plain old text can be a little dull at times and sometimes when sending messages you may need to format messages and bring them to life. Whether you’re looking to jazz your text up or you may just need to put something in bold. You can directly format your messages in Crugo. Below the text… Read more »

Tackle your task lists with Crugo


Do you need to tackle your task lists? You’re completely overwhelmed with tasks, and they are coming from every direction. Some are small, and some are pretty significant. Some are urgent and others not due for another month. Some aren’t even for you and need to be passed on to work colleagues. How can you… Read more »

Project management is the motor that keeps your work flow and projects moving on their way to completion. It can be a very testing process, however, it can be less stressful with specific tools. Team collaboration is shifting and shaping in very different ways; whether your work colleagues are located in different time zones or… Read more »

Companies use 16 SaaS apps on average today, up 33% from last year. 73% of organizations say nearly all (80%+) of their apps will be SaaS by 2020. Internal communication SaaS tools are on the rise and businesses are switching to business applications. What are the pros to using business solutions? And why are companies… Read more »