Everything on Crugo is instant. Why wait for that email response; just jump into a group chat and everyone will be updated right away. There are two ways you can message someone, direct message or within a group. Here’s a short video, where you will see how simple it is to communicate with your team… Read more »

Task lists are an important tool for any business, a business cannot run efficiently without them. We want to reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed with your workload and ensure you have the tools to work efficiently and effectively. Crugo gives you the flexibility to create tasks, keep track of your assigned tasks, your personal… Read more »

Small businesses should never underestimate the need for good data storage to safely backup vital information and to distribute data quickly when required. Thankfully there is a huge amount of inexpensive storage options available whether you’re a start-up, or in the market to expand your current storage solutions. Cloud based storage options are very popular… Read more »

The out of the box communication platform for your business. We offer a complete service with everything you need in one place. We aim to help you and your working day, we have done that by adding useful features to make sure you stay organised. Crugo offers an easy and quick way to keep your… Read more »

It’s all in the detail


By now it should be no surprise to our users that Crugo has started looking a little different recently. I’m proud to announce that the team behind Crugo have been hard at work planning a large update to the platform which is now available to all. Over the past 8 months we have been working… Read more »