The Team Behind Crugo

We are a unique bunch, with years of development experience, big data expertise and a broad range of skills which have allowed us as a small team to build something truly magical. The whole process from product development to customer success is proudly and wholly achieved in-house from our office in Cheltenham, United Kingdom.

Our Journey

Building Crugo Together

Great things take time. At Crugo we work non-stop, focusing on how we can improve team collaboration and make it easier to work better together. Follow our journey and keep an eye out for our exciting upcoming releases.

Beta Release

May 2016

An early-stage private beta of Crugo was shared with a handful of small businesses across key sectors to gain feedback and fine-tune the platform.

Public Launch

October 2016

Crugo was released to the public on Web and iOS. The team continued to work on new features as well as making changes based on the feedback received from new customers.

Shared Calendars

December 2016

The highly-requested shared calendars were first released, completing the main core functionality of the platform.

Cross-platform Apps

January 2017

Additional apps for Mac, Windows, iOS & Android were launched ensuring no matter what devices are used in the office, the whole team is able to stay connected.

Network Statistics

March 2017

Seeing how active your team is as a whole and on an individual basis is important. Network Stats were launched allowing admins to view statistics relating to their team in real time.

Kanban Boards

May 2017

Task column views, commonly known as a Kanban Boards were rolled out allowing task lists to become more visual and even easier to view at a glance.

Video & Audio Calls

August 2017

One of the most requested features, Video & Audio calls arrived allowing users to call one another directly from their computer or mobile devices.

Third-party Integrations

October 2017

Integrations with over 750 other apps and services through Zapier arrived enabling users to connect with any legacy systems or apps they can't live without.

File Directories

December 2017

Organising files into folders and subfolders, much like you would on your computer hard drive, arrived making it even easier to separate out and organise all your shared files.