Archive your clutter on Crugo

Jane Carson

Marketing Manager

Do you archive your clutter? You have lots of tasks on your list, but you don’t want to delete them all together, but also you don’t want them cluttering up your working day.

Crugo’s group task lists allow you to archive your previous completed tasks, so you’re essentially removing the clutter, but you also have them there for any future reference.

Just click on the archive button, located in the top right-hand corner.


Archiving will allow you to clear all your “done” tasks but will also keep them safe, and if needed you can restore them at any time. You can also select specific “done” tasks you want to archive by holding shift and selecting them.


You can name your new archives to organise them or simply add them to an existing one. By clicking on “Manage Archives” in the top right corner, you can look through everything that you have previously archived, just click on which archive you would like to explore.

archive archive

As mentioned before you can either delete all your archives or restore them whenever you need to. For more tips on how to use Crugo make sure you check out our FAQ or blog articles. If you have any questions on how Crugo can help your working day just tweet us @TeamCrugo

Thanks for reading!