What time zones? What office?

Jane Carson

Marketing Manager

It’s 2017, and fewer people are working in offices, time zones are becoming less of a barrier between work colleagues, and digital nomads and remote workers have arrived. Didn’t they arrive a while back? They have always been lurking around, but they are now in full swing throwing their weight around and showing us the full advantages of working online.

Take a look at the benefits and see whether your workplace could adopt an online working environment.

Let’s talk about stress baby, let’s talk about you and me?

I for one can speak about being stressed at work and in my working environment, it plays a huge role in how productive we are in our working day. I’m pretty sure all of us at some point, some more regularly that others have experienced some kind of stress at work. Allowing your workers to do their job remotely empowers them and gives them the freedom to work in such a way that is best for them. It allows them to achieve a sense of autonomy which is a fabulous intrinsic motivator.

Tech has got you covered, and it’s only getting better.

So the device you’re reading this blog article on is all you need nowadays to get your work done. What about storage? Like all my files and stuff? That’s what the cloud is for; it stores everything for you. How do I stay on top of my team? Collaborative software, like Crugo. Real-time messaging, video and voice conferences, sharing of documents, calendars and tasks lists. We got digital notes too, so you can travel lightly and have everything in one place.

Save yourself some cash. Cha-ching!

It’s not rocket science but having fewer workers in the office dramatically reduces your overheads. Expenses decline as there are less travel costs incurred by employees. Starting to sound good yet?

the cloud saving you money

It doesn’t matter where you work.

Whether it’s your study, the local Starbucks or on a rooftop terrace, without a doubt, it’s most probably better than an office space, that you’re obliged to go to every week day. You can meet great connections at co-working spaces, and you can find places that have better-suited facilities for your individual needs. I’m sure Mark Zuckerburg’s billion dollar empire wasn’t created in an office. Just sayin. ??‍♂

Increased productivity.

Ever been distracted in the office by co-workers or endless meetings? There are no distractions if you work remotely and online. We can’t stop you being distracted from your online browsing but this chrome extension can StayFocusd it works a treat.

According to one recent survey, 53 percent of the remote workers who responded said they were more likely to work overtime, compared to just 28 percent of in-office employees surveyed.

So there you have it, the futures looking bright for those digital nomads. You’ll be able to see some great returns if you adopt a remote working environment. Crugo can give you and your employees the tools to make your workplace a great one. Tweet us if you have any questions @TeamCrugo

Thanks for reading.