Video calling is here, and it’s not going anywhere! ??

Jane Carson

Marketing Manager

Video calling, chatting, streaming whatever you call it, it has changed our lives, and in my opinion for the better.

I work remotely and communicate via Crugo, and when we group up for a meeting, I call in via video. It makes it more personal, productive and removes any misunderstandings that may occur in a text based conversation. I can read peoples tones and reactions clearly when I call via Video.

I am a huge fan of video calling. I even booked a yoga lesson when travelling via video conference. As you see, video can enable people to do their jobs in different circumstances. I have also had one on one language lessons via video and would recommend those short on time to do the same.

I mean, I even had my first interview via video with Crugo! Saved both parties money, helped the selection process and allowed the interviewer to get a clear first impression! I got hired too!

Crugo is a complete package, and we’re constantly improving the platform and introducing new features to ensure you maximise your productivity.

You may have already guessed, but yes, we just launched video for Crugo, and it’s available on iOS, Android, web and our lovely mac app. What do you need to know about our video calling? Here are a few points:

  • You can mute audio
  • Switch the video off, so it’s audio only
  • Rotate the camera on your mobile devices
  • When calling via the web version of Crugo, you can minimise the call to the bottom right of your screen, allowing you to continue sending messages in Crugo

It’s simple. Video calling has become just as easy as picking up a phone and dialling; you just need to tap or click the video icon on Crugo ? If you need further information check out our FAQ.

video calling

If you have any questions just tweet us at @TeamCrugo, we would love to help boost your productivity.

Thanks for reading.