Feeling overwhelmed? ?

Jane Carson

Marketing Manager

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work? Is it affecting your personal life and consuming too much of your time? It can be hard to focus on the tasks at hand and near impossible to find a chance to think.

Here are few things that could increase your productivity and help you steer clear of feeling overwhelmed:

Don’t rush.
When you rush things, you’re adding to your stress and not completing the task at hand to the best of your ability. Do what you’re meant to be doing, focus on your work and your duties not on what others can do and should be doing.

“TTOG” – topic, time, owner, goal. That is, What are we talking about? How long are we going to spend on it? Who’s responsible for it?” this should help reduce your chances of being overwhelmed.

Focusing on what you’re doing also extends to focusing on yourself too, pay yourself with time. Give yourself 20 mins in the morning before you get going with the daily grind. Walk, meditate or even read. Spend a little time on you.

Reward yourself.
Make sure the time you’re not working, you are engaged in things you’re passionate about, that you enjoy. Nothing can be more rewarding than doing something that allows you to unwind and forget about the everyday stress.
Following your passions helps you get out and stay out, of a rut. Leave your comfort zone. Trying new things also falls under the category of rewarding yourself, and can be very inspirational and very refreshing.

Take time to brainstorm, think and plan.
As little as 10-15 minutes a day can help you get on track, stay focused and improve your productivity. Make sure you put time a side to breathe and think things through. It can assist you with tough work decisions and give you perspective.  It doesn’t matter if you are super busy, put some time aside, it will work wonders.

It’s ok to say NO.
It’s time YOU said YES to yourself more often. It’s time you put YOU first and focused on what you want. I’ don’t mean you say no to everything but be more selective and say YES when you want to. Think before you say yes and when someone asks you something, think realistically. Will it add to your stress levels and can it be completed within a reasonable time frame that won’t push you over the edge?

Just take your time, try these methods and see if they help with stress. If you have any questions about project management, collaboration or just feeling a little overwhelmed. Tweet us at @TeamCrugo or take a look at our other blog posts on how to make your working day easier.

Thanks for reading. I wish you a stress-free August and enjoy the last bit of Summer ?