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Rob Corlett

Business Development

Excuse me for plagiarism but let me share some frightening research I spotted recently ( on the time organisations are spending on internal meetings.

15% of company time is dedicated to internal meetings, equating to a massive 6 hours per week! And for the key business leaders, it’s worse than this; 35% for middle management business hours, and 50% for executives. That is not all; the average worker is spending 4 hours a week preparing for meetings. So that’s 10 hours a week, or nearly a third of business hours!

So is it time well spent? Not according to those researched – 67% of the executives (who are the very people who call these meetings) thought this time was ‘unproductive’.
But the fact that stood out for me is that these figures have increased every year since 2008. Despite the enormous advances in CRM systems, communication technology and business systems we are spending more and more time in the good old status meeting.

Maybe it’s the Managers desire to be seen as managing? Or maybe it is their paranoia that they are not close enough to the day to day operations and they want to look people in the eye and hear what is happening. But the fact is, if these meetings could be reduced to half the time, they would be increasing their teams actual ‘business’ hours by 15% which has to have a beneficial effect.The questions all managers should ask themselves is, are these meetings improving company productivity by 30%? If the answer is no, then these meetings are indeed unproductive!

Business productivity platforms like Crugo can be a solution. Rather than calling a status meeting, a team manager can just hop onto their teams ‘chat’ group and review the timeline of activity over the past week regarding conversations and documents exchanged. They can do this at a time and location convenient to them when they have some spare time, and if they want to action some change, they can easily send a task. If they want to brief the team, they can send them a document with a voicemail or note and can track who has opened the document and responded to it. It is simple and time efficient remote management, however only takes 30 minutes rather than maybe a collective 20 hours of your teams time.

Company’s using business productivity platforms are reporting “internal meetings are reduced by 25%”. That alone is a 10% improvement in productivity. Take up the challenge, make your weekly meeting fortnightly and see what difference it can make to your productivity. Set the culture and free up your business leaders to do just that!

Let us show you how we can make your team and workplace more productive with Crugo.

Thanks for reading.