How Can Crugo benefit the Sporting world?

Thomas Farmer

Business Development Executive

Communication is one of the most important factors for success in the sporting world, without communication, teams, management, players and coaches break down. Communication in sport does not have to be verbal, it can also be visual.

Crugo makes things easier by keeping every member of your team on track with tasks, time and deadlines. Crugo is a collaborative tool that allows you to create to-do lists, store files, share files and communicate with your team on any device at any time. This could be a coach giving his player training tasks, dieting plans and much more. This doesn’t necessarily have to be aimed at sports teams or athletes, this can also be aimed at the sporting retail world.

Crugo allows you to share file types with as many users as possible, this could be shared within sport education, sporting teams, sport retail, allowing any file type to be shared across the platform. These files can then be tagged into the correct user groups, individuals, or just for your own personal storage.

The sport industry relies dominantly on emails and instant communication, most emails allow 10MB of data to be sent however, Crugo alternatively gives you 100GB of storage per user and allows a 5GB upload limit. This makes it easier to share, access and record any data that would be applicable in your specific sporting industry. Instant messaging is never guaranteed to be secure, why not use a secure platform such as Crugo to store all this data sensitive information.

The chat function of Crugo allows you to exchange instant messages “live” with other members, this can then be narrowed into specific groups.  Allowing you to invite team members to conversations.  A personal trainer telling his clients what time their session is, this could also be a sports therapist conversing about rehabilitation stretches via real time communication. The list is endless. Crugo gives you professionalism and allows you to communicate daily with who you need to.

Crugo calendars can be used for fixture lists throughout the sporting season, training sessions and plans can be added to the calendar with the necessary participant invited. The Crugo platform brings the “team” together and everyone can access all relevant information within. Calendars could be used as a diary for your client appointments, rotas within retail or even to list a sporting event.

Crugo is available for Mac, iPhone and Android devices, which enables you to utilize this anywhere in the world. You can take all your content with you wherever you go.

Everything is in one place, meaning all relevant sporting information is available. Everything is searchable meaning you can find an old training program, last weeks rota, next weeks client lists from the physio room.  You can also invite clients as guest users!

Crugo can be used in any context and sport is just many of the different sectors that allows Crugo to bring your team together.

If you want to know more, please get in touch. Let us show you how Crugo can work for your business and make your everyday life easier.

Thanks for reading.