Real Time Communication – Surely all business communication is Real Time these days?

Thomas Farmer

Business Development Executive

“86% of employees and executives blame a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for project failures”.

What is Real Time Communication? The definition of RTC is it is a form of telecommunication that allows the transfer of information instantly. But that’s obvious, isn’t it? Well, that depends on your definition of instantly!

Instantly means just that, when the delay in transmission is negligible. In this way, the communication exchange becomes a conversation as it allows a train of thoughts to be exchanged without interruption. This speeds up the human behavioural process of communication in two ways, firstly because the individuals involved are engaged in one continuous thought process, and secondly because they are then just simply absorbing and responding, so their comments are brief and to the point.

In comparison, email communicates in time shift mode. There is always a delay in receiving and in that time other messages are being received and distract the user away from the task at hand. It’s like trying to have a chat with a five minute time lag between a question and answer, and in that time other random people are asking you completely unrelated questions. It’s not only very difficult to maintain mental focus and train of thought, but also it is tough to maintain mental equilibrium. No wonder people become so frazzled and frustrated; and why human behaviour colliding with technology can leave people pulling their hair out. There is little sense of progress or completion, only of distractions and clutter.

The same RTC benefits that impact one to one exchange also applies to larger groups and project teams. When Real Time Communication displays on your device as a natural flow of observations (another weakness of email), you can invite others to join and contribute without having to stop and bring them up to speed. And if teams can collaborate in real time, creativity can be sparked, and new ideas can be quickly advanced. Being ‘present’ for these exchanges involves that Real Time Communication is available across all your devices at any time, so whatever is at hand you can jump on and join the chat.

RTC is why social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook are preferable for conversation, so how come it is so prevalent in the social world and hasn’t taken off in the one area of life where it would be so valuable; the business world?

Crugo’s mission is to enable; Multi-device, real time, one to one or one to many communication for the business community. Crugo syncs to the strengths of human behaviour, rather than the stresses and strains of the delayed world of email. Pair that with real-time document/file exchange, instant agreeing and action on business tasks, and brilliant plans come to fruition far more quickly. Crugo streamlines work processes and makes work life less cluttered and more enjoyable.

You can sign up for free and use Crugo here, let us show you how we can make you and your team more efficient.

Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions.