It’s all in the detail

Michael Venn


By now it should be no surprise to our users that Crugo has started looking a little different recently. I’m proud to announce that the team behind Crugo have been hard at work planning a large update to the platform which is now available to all. Over the past 8 months we have been working extremely hard to build the core platform that our clients today enjoy using and rely on. The core functionality is the same, you still can chat, share all types of files, assign tasks, create calendar events and monitor RSS news feeds all within your own private & secure network. However, we have been refining the user interface, making it easier to interact with the platform and overall a more enjoyable experience. While doing this, we have added several small but very powerful supporting features, so let’s take a closer look;


Your Sidebar

Your Crugo sidebar is a critical part of your Crugo experience and provides you with a directory so you can easily navigate between groups and direct chats with colleagues. We have had a lot of feedback from our clients and our own team using the platform and we decided it could be better, much better. Therefore, we made a few changes.

Your new Crugo sidebar is now separated into different sections rather than being one long list. There are three sections in total, unseen, groups and people. The groups section displays all the groups you are a member of, both private and open groups. The people section displays all the direct conversations you have open with other Crugo users on your network. Both the groups and people sections are ordered alphabetically making them easy to sort through.

Now we realise there are some groups and direct conversations that are used more frequently than others and based on their name alone they could now be at the very bottom of your sidebar. Well we now have a new “Pin” feature which is aimed specifically at this little inconvenience. Now when you go into a group or direct conversation, under the menu button in the top right, you will find a new “Pin Group” option. With this enabled that group or direct conversation will display a pin icon in the sidebar signifying that it has been “Pinned” and it will be positioned at the very top of the respected section in your sidebar. This now means that your frequently visited #zoology group can in fact be at the top of your groups section in your sidebar.

The “Unseen” section is all about activity. Any group or direct chat which has outstanding unseen activity will be positioned in this section right at the top of your side bar. For example, this could be a new message in a direct conversation or group that you haven’t seen yet, or a new RSS post that has been published from a news feed that you are following. Once you have entered the group or direct chat positioned in the unseen section, the platform will recognise that you have now seen this activity and remove it from the unseen section in your sidebar. This means that the unseen section is constantly updating based on activities from other users on your network and is individual to each Crugo user. Oh and did I mention it works cross platform?

User & Message Statuses

The ability to see when a fellow colleague is online has been available on Crugo for quite some time, it’s nothing new. However, we have made a few significant adjustments here. There are now three user statuses, online now -green dot, away – orange dot and offline – no dot. With these three status, we can accurately indicate if a user is active on the Crugo platform at that point in time or if they are away from their desk, busy or simply just offline.

Going one step further, you can now also view when a user was last considered online and active “green dot”. In a direct conversation with a fellow user, in the top left next to their profile picture you will see a text status saying either “Online Now” or “Last Seen” followed by a day and time. This information is also visible on each users’ profile pop up which is accessed by clicking on the user’s profile picture.

To coincide with the more accurate user online status, we have also added another highly sought after feature to our chat functionality. On Crugo you can now view when a user in a direct chat and multiple users within a group have seen your last message. Gone are the days when you send a message or share a file and are left wondering if the recipient has received and seen it. Not only do you get an indication that the message has been sent or seen, but you can also view who has seen the message and at what time.


The chat functionality in groups and for users one to one is a highly relied upon core component of the platform. Not only have we completely re written the Crugo chat component to make it quicker, but we have also added in a few improvements along the way. The Crugo chat now supports the preview of third party files from a URL. Just send a message with a URL of a photo, YouTube video or website and a quick preview will appear within the chat. If it’s a photo you will see the photo display in the chat, like if you uploaded a photo to the chat yourself, meaning you don’t have to navigate away to another website to view it. If it’s a YouTube video, you can play the whole video back from within the chat window. Or if it’s just a website URL you will be presented with the title of the website, its description and a preview image or logo if available, making the chat more visual. And yes… this does mean you can now share those hilarious animated GIFs. Like this cat sticking it’s tongue out.



Another small but timesaving improvement revolves around scrolling through chat history. Chat conversations can be a great way to look back on decisions and discussions that have previously taken place, you can literally scroll back through time. Now not only have we made this significantly quicker and now return more messages per scroll, but we have also made it incredibly easy to jump right back to the latest message and continue with the conversation. We now have a “jump to bottom” button that appears once you scroll past the first page of messages, allowing you to easily jump right back to present time and continue where you left off.

Task Logs

A paper trail, well virtual paper trail can be extremely useful within the workplace. Not just for official auditing purposes but also to see the path of progression. We have identified this at Crugo and have built in a global activity log for task lists. This task activity log stores the entire history of each task along with every change or edit that was done. When a task is assigned to a user, the description updated, attachments uploaded, title changed, due date set and even when the status is changed. All this information is logged and now visible on the task itself meaning, you can see who has been involved and how the task has evolved from start to finish.

These are just some of the smaller feature highlights which are now available with the new version of Crugo. There are plenty more that we have not discussed and there is even more to come. We believe in the constant evolution of the Crugo platform to improve and refine the experience and overall productivity of you as the end user. At the end of the day Crugo is a platform with the sole purpose of improving communication and organisation within your workplace and all the updates and features we develop have this end goal in mind. We would love to hear how our users are using the platform and any suggestions they have, so please feel free to submit your feedback and it could be included within the next update.

Thanks for reading!