5 cost effective SaaS tools every start-up needs for fast growth

Jane Carson

Marketing Manager

The best SaaS tools are simple.  Choosing the right tools is not.  Having worked at 3 start-ups I wanted to share my thoughts on the best and easiest tools which will give you instant results.

  • Pipedrive (CRM) – This is the simplest CRM I have used by a long way.  From creating a contact to closing a deal, it all flows nicely.  Each time you make a call or send an email to a prospect, Pipedrive prompts you to add a next step.  For lazy sales people this is a must have and is more cost effective than its big competitors (Salesforce).
  • Reply.io (ESP) – Reply is a great tool for sending broadcast emails. The tool allows you to set-up multiple steps and includes A/B testing with superb analytics.  More cost effective and easier to use than Mailchimp.
  • Salestools.io – Used in conjunction with Linkedin Sales Navigator, Salestools allows you to extract data from Linkedin such as email addresses and phone numbers obtained through the lead builder. This is a great alternative to either prospecting data manually or purchasing it!  All data that is mined is available on Linkedin which makes ‘cold’ marketing a little warmer.
  • Intercom – This is a great tool for web chat and ticketing. Prospects who visit your website can be welcomed by a member of your team with automated and real time messages.
  • Crugo – The simplest communication, file sharing and task management tool there is! Set-up takes a few minutes.  No development or tricky integrations, just plug-in and play!  Includes chat, 100GB file storage and task management features.  More cost effective than using Slack, Dropbox and Asana and unlike this lot, Crugo can be customised to fit the requirements of the organisation.

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about anything SaaS or start-up then please give me a call or send me an instant message on Crugo