Boost your teams productivity…

Chris Bates

Sales Manager

As a nation the UK falls way behind our peers when it comes to productivity in the workplace. This article written in February by the Guardian has some facts and figures but essentially the problem is not specific to a vertical or industry, it’s widespread.

There isn’t one particular reason for poor productivity, there are numerous, all stemming from poor management and/or poor infrastructure.

Poor management

Managers should inspire their staff to work hard and take ownership of their tasks and responsibilities. If the manager cannot do this he either hired the wrong person or his boss did! Creating a positive environment with an emphasis on collective achievements can make a role enjoyable and even exciting for staff.

Staff who work for poor managers will either stay and complain or vote with their feet. I’ve been there, done that like many others.

Poor infrastructure

This is an interesting one because lots of companies have poor infrastructure but it’s rarely due to cost. If you work for a company that has been around for a while, they may have used the same systems and technologies for years without changing. They are comfortable and think any change would be a nightmare to manage.

To fill in the UK’s productivity shortfall business owners should make it their priority to address poor management and poor infrastructure. This will keep employees engaged and increase their productivity in the process.

Thanks for reading!