How is Crugo helping communication around the world? Let’s take a look…

Jane Carson

Marketing Manager

We have had some great support and have been very lucky to grow and develop Crugo with the feedback of our current user base.

We have had the pleasure of working alongside Fundación Canaria Farrah, an NGO based in Canary Islands that have sustainable development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, community development projects in Spain and free online cultural and educational resources. We asked them a simple question “ How do you use Crugo?”

Here is what they said:

“We use Crugo to communicate, we have such a varied portfolio of projects here in Spain as well as Africa, and we need to keep on top of them. It would be almost impossible to organise via email addresses for each project, communication would be backtracked and our projects wouldn’t progress very quickly.

The greatest thing about Crugo for us is how organised our workplace has become, with Crugo we can segregate communication in relation to each of our projects.

We are a fairly small team, however in our daily work life we need to co-ordinate with over 30 volunteers and our team based in Senegal, Africa. As you can imagine, communication can be hard as we’re in different locations. Crugo makes it easy for us to communicate with the volunteers that are constantly on the go and our team members in Africa.

A simple example would be; a project manager in Africa uses Crugo to send photos to our head of marketing, so we can keep our social media followers up to date with our progression and activity. They may also send over a daily report, an expense form for international volunteers and an updated plan for the building of a new maternity hospital, through hashtags each document is organised within its project. Furthermore, the whole team has access to instant messaging, as well as sending voice memos when needed.

We have found the RSS feeds to be exceptionally handy and very convenient; they are less distracting, and no wondering off track searching for news articles around subjects of interests.”

If you like the sound of Crugo and think it can help your workplace and productivity. You can sign up for free on our website.

Thanks for your time and a special thanks to Fundación Canaria Farrah. Want to know more about their projects? Check them out here

Thanks again for your time!