Groups – Everyone’s in at least one!

Chris Bates

Sales Manager

I looked up Group’ in a thesaurus. Lots of words came up and I picked out a few below…










These are quite strong words. Words that we all use to describe the Group we represent, whether on a professional or personal level. I can honestly say I haven’t been a member of a gang, but Company, Association, Body, Troop and Crew are all words I have used throughout my career to describe the Group I was a member of.
“Whatever comes through those gates, we’ve got a better chance of survival if we work together. Do you understand? If we stay together we survive.”

Yeah okay that quote is from Gladiator and not my own but I thought of it when I started writing, so it’s in there!

The 25th June 2016 marks my 17 years anniversary of being employed full time. Teamwork and collaboration has been essential in every role I’ve had. Poor communications within groups, or worse insufficient execution of communication tools and equipment, can have serious consequences.

In the RAF I was taught ‘Radio Procedure’. The basic principles were to be as succinct as possible. Only say what needs to be said and nothing else. This means everyone on the network had clear and simple communications with everyone else (in theory!). Day to day this was irrelevant, but during an incident where an aircraft has crashed and there’s 200 emergency services personnel on the ground, who all have something to say, that good communication is essential.

In an office environment it seems to be the other way. We send emails. Basically saying as much as possible to make a small point. Okay that is a little broad but I hope you get the point. Emails don’t allow you to have real group communications and emails strings can be a pain in the backside to go through.

Chatting in groups with instant messages creates an environment where only succinct communications are required. No need for ‘Kind regards’ 1 million times a day.

If you’ve ever tried to send a large file by email, you’ll know that it’s a waste of time or it’ll take so long to download that it would have been easier to send it via Royal Mail.

Crugo allows Groups to chat in open or private environments. Want to share a large file? No problem, just drop it in to the group and let everyone have access. If the document is of a sensitive nature just send a Direct Message. Also ever tried to find an attachment in an email that was sent to you some time ago…….. Blah blah you know the problem! We have a Global Search feature that lets you search for any person, group, file or even word, allowing easy access to that presentation you needed 5 minutes ago or that form you said you’d saved!! All this from a single sign-up platform, which allows your office staff and mobile workforce to stay connected as a Group when it matters most.

Thanks for reading!

Chris @ Crugo